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Welcome to Syma Helicopters. This site is your dedicated source for the world's best 3 channel beginner friendly remote control helicopters in various shapes and sizes. Syma Toys have completed extensive research and development in remote control helicoptesr for over 10 years. The initial batch of 2 channel helicopters were very popular and sold throughout the world, but the latest Syma 3 channel helicopters surpass the first generation counter parts both in ease of use, design, and innovation.

Currently selections include micro palmed sized models, mid-sized helicopters, large scales helicopters, and military modeled helicopters. The latest gyroscope technology on the helicopters bring the helicopters to the next level of fun with precision control. No longer will the end user be frustrated for lack of control of the helicopter, but instead, maneuver the helicopter with precision and complete satisfaction. Many models have metal frames, which add durability even when crashed. In addition, replacement spare parts are readily available.

All Syma Helicopters have been factory tested and ready to fly out of the box providing top quality and durability that surpasses many of their counterparts.

Syma helicopters are great for first time pilots because these items are top ranked in quality and durability at rock bottom prices. In the past, the same remote control helicopters with the same features can easily go for $100-$300 per item. Now, you can enjoy Syma Helicopter at a fraction of the cost.

Syma helicopters are also ideal for retailer businesses because of the growing demand and popularity of these items. There is high demand and many items sell out quickly.

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Whether you are a first time buyer, repeated buyer for spare parts, or a business retailer, Syma Helicopters is your source for the best 3 channel helicopters.